Dental Emergency Care

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Dental Emergency Care in Evansville

A broken tooth or extreme tooth pain can be a frightening experience, especially when you don’t know where to go for help.

With more than two decades of providing emergency dental care in Evansville, Indiana, Dental Associates West knows how to quickly diagnose and treat dental emergencies.

If your tooth is cracked and painful, or if an impact to your face or jaw knocked out a tooth, you need emergency dental care. Call us now to ask for help.

Types of Emergency Care

One of the most common reasons people seek emergency dental care in Evansville is the loss of a tooth due to a sudden impact, known as an avulsed tooth.

Acting quickly to preserve the tooth and seeing a dentist right away improves the odds of the tooth successfully reattaching inside its socket.

If your tooth is knocked out, it’s important to:

1. Pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse it under warm water without touching the root

2. Place the tooth back into its socket, if possible — if that’s not possible, put it in a cup of milk, water or saliva to keep it moist, and cover the cup to keep contaminants out

3. Seek immediate dental care

The sudden onset of severe tooth pain is also an emergency. The pain may be due to an infection, or due to a dislodged filling or crown that has exposed the inside of the tooth.

Types of Emergency Care

An impact that’s forceful enough to knock out a tooth may also cause a serious head injury. Anyone who loses consciousness after a blow to the head should be taken to the nearest emergency room for evaluation.

The danger of concussion and brain injury is far more serious than losing a tooth. Emergency room treatment is also recommended for a dislocated or fractured jaw.

If you have a dental emergency after normal business hours, call us anyway and leave a message. If the pain is intolerable and an urgent care clinic or emergency room is near you, you may be able to get temporary treatment until you can see us for a thorough evaluation and treatment.

When In Doubt, Call

Sometimes, people may not realize when they’re experiencing a true dental emergency. But if you’re in severe pain — especially pain that radiates to other parts of your face and interferes with your ability to eat — seek help right away.

Contact Dental Associates West to get the care you need.

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