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Cavity Fillings in Evansville

Dental Associates West offers cavity fillings that strengthen and restore teeth and protect them against further decay.

From affordable composite fillings for a chipped tooth to porcelain fillings that provide long-lasting durability, our restorative options are far superior to silver amalgam fillings.

Issues With Silver Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings have been in use for at least 100 years, yet this shiny substance doesn’t match natural tooth color, and it contains traces of other metals that could be harmful for people with specific metal allergies or sensitivities. At our office, we use metal-free dental fillings and custom-tint them to match your natural teeth.

Tooth Filling Process

Dental fillings are among the most affordable restorative option, and it may be possible to fill multiple cavities in a single appointment.

During a tooth cavity filling appointment, a dentist will first administer a local anesthetic before using one or more tools to remove decay from the affected tooth. Once the decay has been removed, the filling material is applied.

Patients may experience slight jaw soreness after a filling appointment, but the procedure is generally painless.

Tooth-Colored Fllings

Just like skin color or hair color, tooth color can vary quite a bit from person to person. At Dental Associates West, we ensure that each filling is custom-tinted to perfectly blend in with the rest of the tooth.

If you’re considering professional tooth whitening at our office, you may wish to schedule that before getting fillings. Whitening systems may not whiten bonded fillings as evenly as natural teeth. We also offer veneers as a way to repair and whiten all teeth, for a uniform appearance.

Why Fillings Are Important

Nearly everyone will have some degree of tooth decay in his or her lifetime, and fillings offer a simple solution for preventing further damage to teeth. If left untreated, a cavity can erode the interior of the tooth, causing pain and raising the risk of infection.

Cavities can form in places that are difficult to see, but when you have regular dental exams, your dentist can spot cavities you might have missed. Cavities are much easier to treat in the early stages, before they’ve done much damage.

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