YOU honored ME, Let me honor YOU!!!

Well, Tri-State, my head is still SPINNING about being voted as the ‘Courier & Press Reader’s Choice Award – Best Dentist (Gold)’ for 2012.  I am just humbled. Thank YOU.

May I return the deed???

The week of October 8 through October 11, 2012, at my office, 4829 University Drive, Evansville, we will be having PATIENT APPRECIATION WEEK!!! Please visit us this week & you don’t even have to have an appointment to celebrate with us! Each day, we’ll have some sugary ‘nom noms’ (snacks/treats), as I call them…’nom noms’! There will be COOKIES from Just Rennie’s and CAKEBALLS from Michelle’s Icing on the Cake! OH! MY! THIGHS! However, I canNOT, in good measure, provide sugary goodness without offering TOOTHBRUSHES!

There will be a DAILY prize drawn from all entries that are submitted each day.
Each day we will have a ‘gift bag’, valued at over $500 we will give away!  Then we have 2 grand prizes as well.  All totaled, over $3400 in prizes!

Each gift bag will include the following:

  • An in-office Lumibrite ‘Teeth Whitening’ procedure
  • An OralB ‘ProfessionalCare Smart Series 5000’ toothbrush, with ‘bluetooth’ technology
  • A bottle of Crest ‘Pro-Health’ Oral Health Rinse
  • Glide Satin Floss
  • Crest Pro-Health Gum Protection and Sensitive + Enamel Shield toothpastes
  • A Dental Associates West T-shirt (with our awesome new logo)
  • And finally, an official Dental Associates West bag  to put all of your goodies in

In addition to the daily prizes, I must tell you about our TWO Grand Prizes…

  • Our 1st Grand Prize is a Kindle Fire HD
  • Our 2nd Grand Prize is $1000 in Dental Work!

This is just our way of saying ‘THANK YOU’ by honoring me and my invaluable staff!  So, stop by and say hello, grab some ‘nom noms’ and enter to win these wonderful prizes.

Thanks again tri-state and we look forward to seeing you.
P.S.  Below is the ‘fine print’ of our contest.

  •  Only 1 (one) entry per day, per person.
  • Daily prizes will be drawn at approximately 5:30pm each day of the contest week (Monday, October 8, 2012 – Thursday, October 11, 2012) and posted on Dental Associates West, P.C. (hereinafter referred to as ‘DAW’) Facebook page.  DAW will contact winners via phone and/or email (as provided by the winner on their contest entry card).
  • The ‘daily prize winners’, are eligible for the grand prizes (a ‘Kindle’ and ‘$1000.00 in dental work’).
  • The grand prize winners will be notified in the same manner as mentioned above.
  • To redeem the ‘teeth whitening’ portion of the prizes, an evaluation exam is required before scheduling for the procedure to determine if any necessary dental work must be completed before commencing the ‘teeth whitening’ procedure.  To learn more about the specifics of this requirement, please contact our office for more details.
  • If DAW is unable to reach or receive confirmation from the winner (in person, via mail or email), within 5 business days of the drawing, DAW reserves the right to draw for a new winner.  The process of drawing for a new winner will be the same as mentioned above.  The drawing will continue until a winner claims their prize.
  • Any winner of any and all prizes must be eligible to win.  To be eligible, a winner must be ‘in good standing’ with DAW.  The winner cannot have an account balance of more than ninety (90) days past due or currently in a ‘collections’ or bankruptcy status.  Also the winner must either be a new patient (with a scheduled appointment) or an existing patient and not a former patient who is not ‘in good standing’ (ie. ‘No more appointment’ status).
  • Any DAW employees, contractors, vendors and suppliers along with their family members are not eligible for any and all contest prizes


  •  Non-transferable to other dental offices (i.e. oral surgeons, endodontists, orthodontists, etc.)
  • There is NO cash value
  • Any previous payment by the patient prior to the contest will not be reimbursed to the patient.
  • DAW will utilize any dental insurance that the patient has available and will bill the insurance as usual to our operating procedures.  Any and all co-pays, deductibles or other ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses incurred by the patient can be deducted from the $1000.
  • The expiration for the use of the $1000.00 is December 31, 2022.
  • The $1000.00 can be designated for dental work on others as designated by the winner (ie. spouse, child, grandchild, parent, friend, charity, etc) in part or in whole.
  • Existing treatment plans and new treatment plans are eligible.
  • Cosmetic work is applicable towards the $1000, but all work must meet with normal dental practices and standards.  For example, if the winner chooses to receive a ‘teeth whitening’ procedure, then an exam/evaluation must be done and any and all necessary dental work must be done before the ‘teeth whitening’ procedure can be done (as per protocol and ethical dental practices)
  • As the winning patient utilizes the prize, DAW will make available to the patient a current statement and status of what remains of the $1000.00.
  • If the prize is fully utilized and reaches the $1000.00 limit, any partial portion of a remaining balance must be paid at time of service of the item(s) in question, unless other arrangements have been made prior with DAW before beginning the procedure(s) being performed.
  • The winner must acknowledge and adhere to standard DAW office policies and procedures (a complete list of these are available at DAW and are available by request of the winner).
  • If the winner becomes ‘not in good standing’ with DAW before the prize is fully utilized (ie. ‘No More Appointments’ due to excessive missed appointments – 2), then the winner can transfer the remaining winning balance to someone else (who is ‘in good standing’ with DAW) or they will forfeit the remaining prize amount.  Upon forfeiture of the prize, the winner must determine who they chose to transfer the remaining prize amount to and notify DAW, in writing, within thirty (30) calendar days or the prize becomes void.  The transferee has twelve (12) months to begin to utilize the prize or the remaining prize amount will become void.
  • The winner must also allow DAW to use their picture, name (first name and first letter of last name), city of residence and how long they have been a patient of DAW for public promotional purposes (for example but not limited to TV, billboard, Facebook, website, etc)

For any other questions with regards to these guidelines and/or office policies and procedures, please contact DAW at:  812-422-1135.

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