Welcome 2013!

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2013!

Allow me to be one of the first people to encourage you in your “New Years’ Resolutions”!

From ‘quitting smoking’ to ‘weight loss’, let me insert another ‘resolution’-> Did you know that it takes 21 consecutive days to form a ‘habit’??? Marking your new calendar with ’21-days’ with the simple instruction, “FLOSS“. Then, after the 21-days, you don’t have to mark it on your calendar because IT WILL BE A HABIT!!

But if you wanted to ‘start off clean’ before your 21-day challenge, give our office a call to schedule your dental hygiene treatment! And I tell you what: my hygienists will even FLOSS you on the FIRST day of your challenge!! Now THAT sounds like a DEAL!

With the new year, with most insurances, dental coverage renews in January! I say, take advantage of that dental insurance!! It was extremely busy at the end of December, trying to take advantage of the dental insurance benefits for the year before they disappear. They say, “there’s nothing like waiting until the ‘last minute’, ” Well, I disagree with that! We can have your treatment, our ‘game plan’ for your teeth and put it in motion!

Give our office a call and let us help you with your SMILE! Remember, it is my desire to help get you more MILES for your SMILE!

~Dr Joyce

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