Operation Gratitude

It’s the little things that are missed when brave men and women are deployed by the various branches of the Armed Forces to fight/guard  for our FREEDOM. Like the leisurely morning coffee while watching the news…or going out to a favorite restaurant with family/friends…or even eating…dare I say…a CANDY BAR!!!

I encourage my friends and patients to partner with Evansville Pediatric Dentistry inOPERATION FREEDOM. It’s a ‘Candy Buy-Back’ program. Kids of ALL ages bring in your Halloween Candy to Evansville Pediatric Dentistry at 7200 East Virginia Street on Nov. 1st at 5pm, and they well buy it back at $1 per pound. They will then send it in care packages overseas to our men and women of the military! How wonderful is that?

It’s just a little way to let our military know that they are always in our hearts!

Check out www.opgratitude.com for MORE ways to show them LOVE.

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