Now, back to our regularly scheduled dental office…

‘Patient Appreciation Week’ was a BLAST! I want to thank EVERYONE who came out to visit, to get some dental work done, or to enter to win some FABULOUS prizes! I look to do this again next year!

I would like to thank my dental staff for helping keep me SANE this past week! Holly, Cindy, Laura, Jackie, and Skye. I am especially gratefully to my husband, Sean, without whom this past week wouldn’t have been such a success!

Thank you to Crest/Oral B, to Initials, Inc. representative, Jackie Grice, Rafferty’s restaurant, Doug Rennie, and Michelle of Michelle’s Icing on the Cake. Thank you to Chad Frey of Whisper It Loud, for making fantastic T-shirts and tote bags!

Pictures and winners to be posted SOON!!!

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