Hello world!

Hello, everyone! This (blogging) is something new for me, so I thought I’d give this a try! My name is Joyce Ablog, DDS, and I am a general dentist. I thought that ‘blogging’ would be a great way to communicate to the world the things in my heart, as it relates to my occupation as a dentist. There are so many people out there, maybe you’re one of them, that are so SCARED to go to the dentist. I believe that it is my goal, my ministry, if you will, to change the paradigm of a ‘scary dental visit’. I want to treat YOU, as a PERSON, not just as someone with ‘broken’ or ‘painful’ teeth. I want to make people SMILE, while I am creating their own BEAUTIFUL smile. So, you’ll be reading various posts, random thoughts, from a dentist’s point of view. I hope that it will be enlightening and helpful.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Joyce

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