Are You Looking For A New Dentist in Evansville?

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Cleaning & Exams

A dental examination is done to determine if ‘dental cavities’ are present.

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Our practice uses ‘tooth-colored’ fillings as opposed to ‘silver’ amalgam fillings.

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We offer a variety of cosmetic services such as whitening, veneers, implants, crown/bridges, and much more!

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Providing More 'Miles'
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Dr. Joyce Ablog
Dentist for Evansville, Indiana

Whether patients come in for teeth cleaning every six months, or they pop in every few years, Evansville area dentist Dr. Joyce Ablog and her award-winning staff treats all of her patients at Dental Associates West with kindness, respect and compassion.

Patients have come from as far as Tennessee for dental care in this west side office because they appreciate her mix of professionalism and easygoing personality.

And she prefers her patients to call her Dr. Joyce, because “Dr. Ablog” is just too formal.

Personalized Care

In a busy medical office, healthcare providers may see dozens of patients a day. It’s a different environment than 50 or 60 years ago, when family doctors still made house calls and knew their patients well. Dr. Joyce strives to recapture that personalized doctor-patient dynamic. Any dentist in Evansville can fill cavities or clean your teeth, but Dr. Joyce believes she can best serve her patients by getting to know them.

An Exceptional Experience

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you anxious, you’re not alone. But when you know your dentist cares and will take time to listen to your concerns, scheduling an appointment is a little easier.

Convenience For Families

Dental Associates West offers a wide-range of dental services for the whole family. Some parents schedule appointments far in advance for themselves and their children, so they can take care of the family’s dental needs in a single visit to Dr. Joyce’s west side Evansville office.

Dr. Joyce is more than just an Evansville dentist. She provides continuing care for patients from Mount Vernon, Indiana to Jasper, Indiana from Carbondale, Illinois to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and many points in between. No matter where you live, you’ll feel right at home when you visit our office.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Are You Looking For A New Dentist in Evansville?


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Are You Looking For A New Dentist in Evansville?